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The 'Rater' Style Feedback Form:

[DEMO WILL OPEN IN A NEW TAB] The 'Rater' style feedback form offers a familiar way to determine (on a scale of 1 to 5) how people like your products or services - Or to simply discover what they think of things in general. Choose 1-5 numbers, or visual icons including Diamonds, Stars & Hearts and more.

Rater Style Form

The 'Emoji Slider' Style Feedback Form:

[DEMO WILL OPEN IN A NEW TAB] The 'Emoji Slider' style feedback form is a fast and fun way to get opinions. Great for gauging satisfaction levels or emotional/post-experience reactions. Includes 3 variant emojis. Works amazingly well for social media marketing, blog posts & post-sale ratings.

Emoji Slider Feedback Form

The 'Tick Box' Style Feedback Form:

[DEMO WILL OPEN IN A NEW TAB] The 'Tick Box' style feedback form can present up to 10 options/answers and you can set the form to allow multiple choice or single choice only responses. Suitable for gathering specific information and more detailed feedback while still being super easy to complete.

Tick box Style Form

The 'Single Question' Style Feedback Form:

[DEMO WILL RETURN YOU TO THIS PAGE] The 'Single Question' style feedback form offers a super-fast way to get Yes/No or Either/Or type repsonses. Includes conditional redirect functionality so you can send respondents to different URLs based on their answer.

Single Question Style Form

The 'Image Picker' Style Feedback Form:

[DEMO WILL OPEN IN A NEW TAB] Have some fun and lift audience engagement with the 'Image Picker' style feedback form. You can upload up to 5 different images with added captions for your audience to choose from.

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